Leslie Kendall

It is my privilege to work with singers, actors and others who are interested in improving their vocal placement, breath management, vocal range, vocal fry, monologues, audition and presentation skills. I have students of all ages (12 and up), amateurs as well as professionals.

I meet students in my Ashland, Oregon studio or online.

I enjoy listening with my eyes closed as a student’s voice slowly moves forward and is set free.

If you've always wanted to sing for

the joy of it, the fun of it, the thrill of it, you've landed in the right place.

Cost of sessions, in person or online:

$40 US for 30 minutes

$60 US for 45 minutes

$80 US for 1 hour

Learn About

Auditioning Techniques - New York & L.A.

Breaking Down a Lyric - How to tell your story with lyric interpretation

Vocal Placement - Move seamlessly between chest, mix, belt, head voice with a connected tone

Holding a Focus - How to stay present in the room

Stand & Deliver - How to present with confidence

Vocal Warm-ups - How to warm your voice gently and increase your vocal range

Microphone Techniques - How to hold the microphone & make it part of you

Use of the Voice - How to maintain a healthy singing and speaking voice